The first Emirati Japanese Event Planner in UAE

ENKA which means Emirates, Nihon (Japan), Keiken (Experience) Association is a group of 16 members (Japanese & Arab) that is based in UAE.

ENKA aspires to be the main Japanese & Emirati Cultural hub and our aim is to promote the positive cultural experience between UAE and Japan and be the main Emirati Japanese event planner in UAE.

Emirati Japanese Event Planner in UAE

Services we provide:

 We provide a unique cultural experience to anyone who is interested in Japan & UAE. We as Emirati Japanese Event planner in UAE provide you unique cultural experiences such as;

  • Workshop
  • Cultural Performances
  • Cultural programs
  • Social media coverage
  • Translations (Arabic to Japanese, English to Japanese)
  • Language exchange sessions
  • Unique Merchandise (infusion between UAE & Japan)
  • Collaborative events
event covered by enka

 What kind of workshop do we provide?

We are providing different workshops such as;

  • Art workshops: Calligraphy (Arabic & Japanese), Japanese style painting
  • Handcraft: origami workshop, Mizuhiki workshop, Emirati threading workshop
  • Language workshops
event covered by enka

Japanese and Emirati Performances:

If you have an event and you are looking for some Japanese or Emirati Performance, we can arrange it for you! Such as;

  • Tea Ceremony Demonstration
  • Emirati Oud Performance
  • Arabic Coffee Demonstration
tea ceremony

Cultural Programs:

For schools or universities, we can also provide different cultural programs, our programs can be online and offline such as;

  • Home Stay Program (UAE)
  • Japanese cultural introduction
  • UAE cultural introduction
  • Ramadan experience program
  • Tour Programs (Al Ain & Dubai)
home stay by enka
home stay by enka

Social media coverage:

Do you have a business that has a Japanese theme or an Emirati theme? And you want to reach more audiences who are interested in UAE or Japan? We can do social media coverage for you and invite our audiences from UAE and Japan!

enka event

Translation/Interpreting service:

ENKA members are mostly trilingual they can speak; Japanese, Arabic & English.

If you have a publication that you want to translate from Arabic or English to Japanese we can do that! And if you have any publication which you want to translate from Japanese to English or Arabic, we can also do that!

Do you have an event and you need people to work as interpreters, ENKA members can defiantly do that.

enka Professional provides Japanese to Arabic translation services or Arabic to Japanese translation services 

Do you want to practice Japanese or English or event Arabic?, why don’t you join our Language exchange sessions?

ENKA provides language exchange meet up online and offline such as;

  • Japanese Speaking Meet up
  • English speaking meet up
  • Arabic speaking meet up
enka event

We are also doing a lot of language level-up activities from time to time such as; speech contests, listening and reading online practice, and more!

Are you looking for a fun and unique concept of Merchandise?

ENKA provides fun and unique merchandise which is all made with love by our members such as;

  • Tote bags
  • Mystery box
  • Stickers
  • Postcards
enka merchindise

If you are a business owner or community group who are looking for fun and collaborative events, ENKA as an Emirati Japanese event planner in UAE can host an event in collaboration with you!

  • Collaborating with cafes: by providing a fun theme that is Japanese or Emirati and does different activities for the audience
  • Collaborating with schools/universities: by providing workshops or programs
  • Collaborating with community groups; by doing joints events
Emirati Japanese Event Planner

And any kind of collaboration is also welcomed.

Enka is your Emirati Japanese Event planner in UAE where you can get a youthful, fun, informative, and unique cultural experience, we aim to be the bridge that connects UAE and Japan!

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